Book One: The Perils of Puddin


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“The Perils of Puddin” is the first volume in The Adventures of Puddin and the Fruit Bat, a story that follows Puddin, a big, old, heavy dog with lots of shaggy fur, Rotten, a bossy cat that hisses and slaps Puddin when he tries to play with her, and Stella, a newcomer to the household. Stella is a small, energetic puppy with a pointy nose and eyes like shiny buttons. Puddin does not like this new addition to his family and takes drastic measures that nearly end in catastrophe.

On the surface, The Adventures of Puddin and the Fruit Bat chronicles the lives and escapades of three pets. However, the message behind this story and other stories to come is finding one’s place in life while celebrating individuality, acceptance, patience, civic duty, and home.

The powers of the universe have brought Puddin, Stella, and Rotten together, and while the three of them could not be more different from each other, they forge an unlikely kinship. And, by the way, one of them has a secret superpower.

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Book Two: Puddin and the Puppies

Coming June 2021!